Becker's Hospital Review: Scaling Community-Based Care: 10 Ways to Win in 2019

2019-top-ten-beckers-feature-2Healthcare is in the midst of groundbreaking change, moving from a B2B model to a B2C model, and from physicians and administrators as the boss to patients as the boss. In every industry where consumers are empowered, there are winners and losers. Here is Prepared Health's founder and CEO Ashish Shah's top 10 list to get on the winning side.

  1. Rapid expansion of community-based care models
  2. Home as the new care setting
  3. Air traffic control for healthcare
  4. Physicians prescribe more than drugs
  5. Data-driven care transitions
  6. Evidence-based community interventions
  7. Fully automated authorizations
  8. Fewer dropped calls
  9. Discharge to community health workers
  10. Professionalization of family caregivers

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Posted on Jan 8, 2019 11:49:09 AM by Ashish Shah in Community Health, in Hospital, in News

Ashish Shah

Written by Ashish Shah

Ashish V. Shah is the co-founder and CEO of Prepared Health, a Chicago-based healthcare technology company that helps healthcare providers communicate with one another around the care of their patients. The Prepared Health network connects hospitals, outpatient, post-acute, and home and community-based care providers in real-time to improve patient outcomes. The network also is a tool to engage and coach caregivers at every level so they are better equipped to deliver care. Previously, Shah was the CTO at Medicity, a subsidiary of Aetna.